Our Values


We are always there to back each other up, to step into the breach and provide support. We recognise the need to collaborate with each other and our clients, to play on the same team, to move in the same direction and to speak the same language. Discipline, cooperation and commitment ensure everyone's safety on site and the quality outcomes. 


Sometimes projects can get tough and we might have to make a hard call, but we do this with respect and good sportsmanship. We are not litigious. Our focus is on excellent communication and planning to ensure we finish each project as friends and partners. Our word is our bond - you can rely on it. 


If you love what you do, you'll give your best performance. At Strategy we're passionate about our business, about delivering projects and above all, satisfying our clients. 


At Strategy, preparedness underpins our whole operation. On every project, we have to plan well stay alert throughout the project, have the foresight to see any problems and then head them off before they eventuate. Quality planning and preparation reduces risk and maximises opportunity. 


Learning and growing is essential to give our teams confidence in their abilities. We invest in continual learning through both the formal education system and our own school of experience, harnessing an enormous wealth of knowledge through our sophisticated management systems. 


Strategy's strong and enduring relationships with clients and fellow employees are a credit to the talent and passion of the people who make our team. 

We are proud of our people and honoured by their loyalty and commitment. They take great pride in their work and are dedicated to making each client's construction journey a positive experience.